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Do No Harm

Ukraine is a country in intensive care of democratic transition, but it still remains the only hope of liberal democracy in the whole of Eastern Europe. The Dutch people now face a choice between helping to help treat it with reform or leave it in the cold.

Nederlanders, as a Ukrainian who has a thing for your country, I need to talk with you. I came to think of myself as an unapologetic Netherlandsphile: I speak some Dutch and had my fair share of disappointment with De Oranje’s losses in football tournaments. I had graduated from a prestigious Dutch university with cum laude distinction. Probably on top of my class of seventy Dutch and international students in our Master program on European Studies. I went sailing to the Oosterzee and put on orange for the flamboyant Koninginnedag street parties. I’m honored to call some Dutch people my friends. But the most important thing that I borrowed from your culture is speaking directly and honestly about (often uncomfortable) issues. This is exactly what I intend to do in the next dozen of paragraphs, so bear with me, alsjeblieft. Read More…