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How Violent Beating of Protestors in Dnipropetrovsk was done

Local Officials Crack Down on Peaceful Protests in Dnipropetrovsk (Eastern Ukraine) on 26 January 2014

 Key points

  • The peaceful anti-government protest in front of the regional administration in Dnipropetrovsk was attacked by concerted forces of police and paid gangs of about 200 thugs;
  • The authorities used a group of 50 provocateurs to simulate storming of the regional administration, only to use it as a pretext for a bloody crack-down on peaceful protestors nearby;
  • There are clues that the criminals were hired and transported to Dnipropetrovsk by the people close to Oleksandr Vilkul, then-deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and formerly a regional chief;
  • These clashes were observed and allegedly “supervised” by Yevgen Udod, the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council. Possible variants of spelling his name:  Evgeniy / Ievgen / Yevhen Udod.

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